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How to step on the brake of a car mechanic in front of a red light

How to step on the brake of a car mechanic in front of a red light On hard ground, in dry weather, in front of traffic lights, it's best to brake by pressing the brake and clutch    The rules of mechanical braking, taught by driving schools, are as follows:  •Cars must be driven by gears.  •The driver continuously shifts caliper mechanism gear shaft depending on the speed of the car to be ready to quickly perform the necessary operations.  •Only stop when the car is traveling at 510 km / h, then apply the brake to stop the car.   Practice shows that the method of properly braking the engine is used by few drivers, because they often get tired when downshifting to lower gears, consume more fuel, and the gearbox wears out faster. Of course, on hard ground in dry weather, it is better to brake by simultaneously reducing brake and clutch pressure. Transport and fuel consumption during the movement of machinery on vehicles, fuel is consumed in a larger amount. Keep the accelerator peda

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